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Career & Technical Education

Benton Harbor Area Schools is proud to participate in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Providing our students with a career pathway is one of our major obligations.

Why choose CTE?

CTE courses offer students an opportunity to apply skills learned in core classes in a completely different way, generally through the application of content & integration of hands-on experiences of the career field the student has interest & aptitudes. When building upon existing sparks, skills, & abilities, students are fueled to work harder towards their goals. In addition, CTE courses offer an opportunity to determine if these perceived passions truly are a right fit, without a financial investment or risk.

BHAS may cancel or add programs as program offerings are dependent on enrollment and funding. Please check with your counselor for program confirmation. Currently, high school students have access to the following CTE courses:

Our Programs

For questions or additional information:

Robyn Kubsch

CTE Director