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Student Code of Conduct

Benton Harbor Area Schools Student Code of Conduct

Under Michigan law, every school district is required to adopt a Student Code of Conduct (“Code”), to ensure that every student in every school will be provided with a safe and secure environment in which to pursue the excellent educational opportunities available. This code will be reviewed and updated as needed in accordance with updates to state or federal guidelines. Updates to the Student Code of Conduct will be approved by the Superintendent of BHAS. Students will be notified of updates or changes to the document. 
The Code identifies standards of conduct needed to support the educational objectives of the School and to protect each student's right to a safe, orderly, and productive learning environment. While reasonable rules and regulations regarding behavior are necessary for a safe and orderly school environment, the district affirms its commitment to support the efforts of all students to manage their own behavior. 

Application and Scope of the Code

The Code applies to a student who is on school premises, in a school-related vehicle, or at a school-sponsored activity or trip, or who is using school telecommunication, networks, accounts or other district services. While the school is not responsible for supervising or regulating off-campus activities, the school may impose disciplinary or remedial measures in the event that off-campus activities of students, including travel to and from school, directly interfere with the operations, discipline, or general educational environment of Benton Harbor Area Schools.

Implementation of the Code 

Implementing the Code is primarily the responsibility of the principal. When used in the Code, the term “principal” is the assigned principal, an acting principal, an assistant principal, or any other individual so designated by the principal or central administration. Principals shall keep records of disciplinary action and notify central administration of disciplinary action that involves exclusion of a student from school.
When the nature of an offense permits, disciplinary consequences will occur progressively, with the intent to provide guidance and counseling whenever possible. In cases of severe offense, however, it may be necessary to proceed directly to an advanced level of disciplinary action.