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Board of Education

The citizens elected to serve as trustees of the Benton Harbor Area Schools are responsible for the formulation and adoption of educational policies. These policies are consistent with the laws governing public education set by the state constitution. Rules and guidelines for action by the board are also sent by the Michigan Board of Education, whose members are elected by voters of the state of Michigan.

Local policies are set only after careful consideration is given to the goals of education for the Benton Harbor Area Schools. Board policies serve as a guidepost and basis for action by the Superintendent of Schools and her staff.


The National School Board Association believes that:
  • School Boards should function on a non-partisan, broadly
  • School Boards should adopt clearly defined written policies based on a thorough understanding of the educational process.
  • School Boards should conduct school district business in open session, except as otherwise provided by law.
  • School Boards should endeavor to inform the public concerning the schools.
  • School Boards should enlist citizen groups to assist and counsel them.

Sworn in on January 12, 2021